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Black series of TM Biola

People think that black is joyless and macabre color. But from the other hand they like many luxury things which colored in black: black limousines, black lingerie, black tie, small black dress etc.
New series of TM Biola beverages has black label design. There are three kinds in this series: Sangria, White Sun and Gazpacho.

White Sun will surprise your taste with its unbelievable mix of banana and aromatic guava which contains a lot of vitamins.

Sangria is the traditional Spanish cocktail in nonalcoholic version.

Gazpachois the Portuguese cold soup with fresh tomatoes and garlic. There are no analogs in Ukraine.

Also we created poster for this ones.

Black Series of TM Biola, poster

Customer: CJSC Erlan, Dnipro, Ukraine.
Design: Yuri Zhuravel, Goroh agency
Prepress: Oleg Yanchenko , Goroh agency

Total cost of design of Black Series of TM Biola 1900
Conception 500
Label design, 2 SKU 2 x 400
Prpress, 3 SKU 3 x 100
Poster design 300

Total project duration 1 months

In topic: Restyling for TM Lito

In topic two: Cocktail label design for̠Biola


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