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Logo and brand identity of TM Allberry
Margarine for children pastries from “Schedro”

Margarine for children pastries from “Schedro”
<a class='linkblue' href='/new.2017/236.html'>The Hotel Beluga logo</a>

The Hotel Beluga logo
<a class='linkblue' href='/new.2015/229.html'>TM “Olli”</a>

TM “Olli”
<a class='linkblue' href='/new.2016/233.html'>Restyling for TM “Lito”</a>

Restyling for TM “Lito”
<a class='linkblue' href='/new.2015/228.html'>Baby ketchup</a> of TM “Schedro”

Baby ketchup of TM “Schedro”
<a class='linkblue' href='/new.2016/235.html'>Black series of TM Biola</a>

Black series of TM Biola

NEW Logo and brand identity of TM Allberry
Restyling for TM “Lito”
Cocktail design from ÒÌ “Biola”
Design package of “Golden Pasta”
Design of “ALE 110”
The new European brand – TM “Olli”
TM “Schedro”. Ketchup “For children”
TM “Schedro”. Design of ketchups with organic spices
TM “Schedro”. Mayonnaise “For children”
Corporate identity of “Harvest Trade”
Corporate identity of “Smilyanska Hlodnya”
Design of “Hop kvass” label
Margarine for children pastries from “Schedro”
“Shalom, baby!”. Logo and identity of the family club
Mineral water “Znamenovskaya”. Redesign
Juices “Biola”. New design
A new logo of “Biola”
“For Pasta”, “For Fish”, “For Dumplings”. New sauces of TM “Schedro”
Design of new types of TM Schedro sauces
Topping TM coffee syrups design
Design of EnerGO Hot Ball energy drink
Corporate design of New Year postcard, calendar and poster for Biola trademark
“Cosmopolitan”. A new cocktail from ÒÌ “Biola”
TM Schedro ketchups. New design again
The new label design of ÒÌ “Biola Juices”. What could be simpler?
New design of “Znamenovskaya”
«Mojito». Design of new drink from TM “Biola”
Blue-blue-blue design of “enerGO” Cool label
Web-site KLW. Surpassing expectations
Design of label for “Emmi” jam
Green exotics from TM “Darus”

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