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25.07.2014. Margarine for children pastries from “Schedro”

The idea of design of margarine for children pastries appeared during a meeting, right after the tasks had been assigned. Gingerbread men, green ogre’s friends, are well known to cool kids who like American cartoons.

There was another less appealing idea of using a design of “Zoological” biscuits that are well known for adults. These biscuits are made in the shape of crocodiles, tigers, sheep and other creatures that are unknown for science and difficult to recognize. We didn’t waist our time and this proposal went into our piggy bank of an unrealized ideas.

The background of a new margarine design imitates a biscuit surface and the name of product looks like it was made from confectionery glaze. Now children with some persistence can persuade their beloved grandmothers to buy margarine for children pastries from “Schedro” and cook real Gingerbread men.

Customer: Trade House “Schedro”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Idea: Garagulya Oleg, Goroh agency
Design: Yuri Zhuravel, Goroh agency
Prepress: Oleg Yanchenko, Goroh agency
Package type: paper backed aluminum foil
Print type: flexo
Press: “Aventin”, Kiev, Ukraine.

Total cost of the design of margarine for children pastries from “Schedro” — $850
Design — $625
Prepress — $225

Start of the project — 15.01.2014
End of the project — 20.05.2014
Total project duration — 4 months

In topic: package design of the margarine “Schedro” for Zaporozhe Oil-Fat Factory
Too in topic: kids design of the family club “Shalom, baby!

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