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01.06.2014. “Shalom, baby!”. Logo and identity of the family club

Prim walls of cultural and business center “Menorah” were filled with children laughter and hubbub on the first day of summer. It was an opening of the family club “Shalom, baby!” Its logo and identity were created by Goroh agency.

At the beginning, long before the opening of the club, its logo was approved. The main element of the logo is a very stylized palm that looks like the caressing sun rising above the horizon and which says to each kid “Hi, baby!” in different languages.

Logo of the family club “Shalom, baby!”, 2014

Design is as creative as a customer is. That rule is 100 % justified: a customer has chosen the funniest version of the logo to our opinion.

Identity of the family club “Shalom, baby!”, 2014

An idea of style of the family club “Shalom, baby!” lies in the pictures of children messing around and fooling and altogether spending their time with joy. Around them, as a background pattern, it is shown “what they are made of”.

Identity of the family club “Shalom, baby!” was used everywhere: from an interior design to a web-site design. It makes even serious fathers and strict mothers smile. It touches grandmothers and pleases grandfathers. There was a time when all of them were children. Those serious fathers were made of “freckles and shekels, rules and tools”. This is what our fathers were made of. What is more, they were made of “springs and slings, glasses and passes”. And our strict mothers were made of “flowers and bowers, rings and wings, tissues and issues, dresses and guesses”. This is what our mothers were made of.

Sport room’s interior

Dressing room’s interior

Customer: family club “Shalom, baby!”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Design: Yuri Zhuravel, Goroh agency
Text: Oleg Garagulya, Goroh agency
Coding and programming of the site: Dima Orlenko, STM-design.

Logo — $300
Elements of Identity — $150
Design of the site — $400
Programming of the site — $500
Content of the site — $600

First conception — 30.01.2014
Approving of the elements of identity — 12.03.2014
Total duration — 41 days

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