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28.05.2010. Creating of the name and logo for TM “Dobra Marka”

Goroh agency participates in tenders announced by retail chain “ATB” for development of design on a regular basis. And on a regular basis our agency loses them since all tenders are cost sensitive. I.e. that agency wins which offers the lowest cost.

On 28 May 2009 our agency received the invitation from “ATB” chain to take part in a tender for the development of name and logo for a new umbrella brand. An agency which name wins receives the order for the development of logo for TM.

At the moment of tender announcing “ATB” chain had a big number of private trade marks which covered practically all product categories. A consumer visually could not distinguish the goods under these trade marks from those trade marks which belong to manufacturers. The task of a new umbrella brand was to serve as a kind of “stopper” telling about high quality and low price which is available only for the buyers at “ATB” chain.

Tender was held for two umbrella brands: for medium and low segment. Our name,
“Dobra Marka”, won among the offers for the medium price segment.

Logo development for the trade mark did not take long since one of variants used fonts and general corporate stylistics of “ATB” chain.
Lion’s share of time was spent by the customer to make a decision, to register the trade mark and to assign the rights for this trade mark. Recently TM “Dobra Marka” developed by our agency has appeared on the goods manufactured under “ATB” chain own brands.

Customer: “ATM-Market”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine,
Naming: Olya Zhuravel’.
Logo design: Yura Zhuravel.

Development cost of TM “Dobra Marka”:
Naming: — $700
Logo: — $1000
Discount: — $300
Total: $2000

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