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25.08.2010. Naming and design of energy drink “EnerGO”

They rode for a long time in silence of night
Along boundless Ukrainian prairie…

From song “There, far over the river”
Music by folk, lyrics by. N.Kool’

Result Variants

Life of nowadays human has changed a lot: more time is spent for various urgent things, and less time – for sleeping. The most pleasant things happen in the evenings and at nights. In the mornings and the afternoons the life is filled with different kinds of things you can’t skip. But at night you want that the time to stop and never to end. In the morning on the contrary you wish it never starts.

To prolong the night and quickly restore the ability to work one can resort to energetic drinks, so called “energetics”: huge dose of stimulators and vitamins for restoring an exhausted body and little brain.

“Erlan” paid attention to this fast growing food niche: Goroh agency got a task to develop the name for a new energy drink and its design. Expectations to be embodied in a new product were dictated by the stereotypes offered by the market: youth design, opaque bottle, black colour prevails.

Names for the drink were offered to the Customer together with the variants of design since this is the most effective and efficient approach. A name was chosen…

... and design which along with the Customer’s expectations contained a bunch of hyperactive young people, skates, bikes, hip-hops and break dances.

Design of “enerGO. Here and there.

By traditiony together with launching a new product P.O.S. design was also developed.

Poster “enerGO”.

Price tag “enerGO”.
Price tag “enerGO”.

Shared packaging “enerGO”.
(Alex! Make a normal preview image! This one has a hideous perspective!)
Promoting T-shirt “enerGO”. Front and back.
Promoting T-shirt “enerGO”. Front and back.

At the moment the drink “enerGO” is manufactured only in one “weight category” – 0,5 liter. But manufacturing of a new “family” pack seems to be near the corner.

“enerGO”, family pack
“enerGO”, family pack

Customer: “Erlan”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine,
Design: Yura Zhuravel’, Lyokha Subbota, Goroh Agency

Printing preparation: Sasha Fediy, Goroh agency
Printing: printing house “Marzek Pechatny Dvor”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine,

Design cost of energy drink “enerGO”
Neiming – $500
Design concept – $1800
Printing preparation: $200

Poster — $500
Price tag — $180
Shared packaging — $230
Promoting T-shirt — $180

Order design


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