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21.04.2010. Design of Board for ÒÌ “Baron Makaron”

Two designers sit in astral. One of them has doped, the other one drunk beer (he would like to smoke as well but his wife does not like when he is doped). They sit and argue:
— Here, look. Barons, who are they?
— Well, some dudes. They have all sorts of castles, lands, and well, basically, household. Though,
an earl is cooler.
— There you go! And imagine: Baron Makaron.
— Naah… I can’t imagine…
— Well, does he have an economy?
— Well, he does.
— Can he kind of grow hard wheat theoretically?
— You said it! Well, not by himself but all his vassals can do it on their piece...
— Thanks for the reminder, my colleague… Really, I have already had a piss... Anyways. What should he do with this hard wheat?
— You know, he can sell it to get green.
— If I had been a baron, I would have done so. But in our case it’s not just a baron. He is “Baron Makaron ”. Save it, he is macaroni for all barons. Phew… He is the baron for all macaroni.
— Well, what comes out of this deep thought, colleague?
— I don’t know yet, colleague, but if you pass me that can of beer I will go on with my cogitation.
The designer, who had doped, left astral, took another cigarette, couple of cans and came back. The designer, who was drinking beer, threw back his head making the last gulp. Being little surprised he noticed lots of stars in the night sky but in order not to get distracted from his thoughts he opened a new can of beer.
— So. Have there been knights among rams? Those who wore all sorts of stainless metal wear?
— Among rams? I don’t know, all happens in life, colleague. But I think there were more knights among earls.
(It should be noted that our designers are Russian people. So such words as “baron” and “ram” sound almost equally in Russian.)
— Don’t juggle with me, my dear colleague. I didn’t mean rams but barons.
— Oh, that you are about…
— Haw, with… Well then, imagine that this baron not just sells hard wheat that was grown by peasants. He produces macaroni out of these sorts of wheat and initially forces his vassals to buy them. They are getting used to… And here suzerains of our baron are drawing. Our baron by his steel rustless hand makes his careless vassals to consume macaroni…
— I understand that the plot doesn’t work, colleague, but we agreed to stop using swear words.
— Yes, it’s very important not to use swear words in our everyday speech and in every possible way to annihilate them in speech.
«Bitch, bitch, bitch…», — repeated echo as usual.

The designer, who was drinking beer, sighed and went on:
— Basically, I suggest depicting macaroni from Baron Makaron and next to them, in order to avoid any doubts to eat or not to eat, such an iron head of this Baron and his rustless glove. Then the target group will get such a powerful message…
— Yes, colleague, in case of such a powerful message it will be hard not to go and buy the macaroni from Baron Makaron.
— Okie dokey, sweetpie. Let’s say goodbye, after all…

Customer: PE Bushtruk, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Plot and copyright: Oleg Garagulia.
Design and 3D-imaging: Iura Zhuravel.

Total cost for board design
Slogan —$100
Package imaging —$100
Design —$800


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