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26.08.2010. Design of package for tomato sauces of TM “Shchedro”

Design of tomato sauces of TM “Shchedro”

The design of new sauces does not much go with the other new product put on the market under trade mark ”Shchedro” — mayonnaise sauce. But taking into consideration the fact that tomato and mayonnaise sauces are located on different shelves in supermarkets this “terrible” violation can be deemed as inessential.

Customer: HGK (Harkovsky Fat-and-oil Plant), Harkov, Ukraine.
Design: Yura Zhuravel, Aleksey Subbota, Goroh agency.
Printing preparation: Sasha Fediy, Goroh agency.
Printing: KOROZO Izmir, Izmir, Turkey.

Cost of design for package of sauce from TM “Shchedro”.
Design concept: — $2000
Printing preparation — $375 ($125 per unit).

On topic: Design of package of mustard from TM «Shchedro»
Off topic: branding TM «Olli»

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