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23.07.2010. Emmi toppings. Label design

Have you ever thought why the ice cream in cafés or restaurants is so beautiful, decorated with different stuff, and the ice cream in big plastic buckets at stores is tragic and dull white? We were not thinking about that too until we met a new customer Total LLC, the manufacturer of toppings.

Toppings is the notion which includes the whole group of products applied in HoReCa segment (Hotels-Restaurants-Café). Toppings can be applied for decorating deserts and drinks. This group includes whipped cream, ready cream as well as syrups, jams and many of such kind.

The fruit toppings produced by Total LLC are the confitures cooked from natural fruits and berries. The main difference between that topping and confiture is in quantity of water: topping contains 10% more water so the fruit and berry splendor spreads beautifully on ice cream or other dessert. Total LLC also produces chocolate and caramel toppings.

Having taken its niche in HoReCa segment, Total LLC have made a good sales pitch bringing it to the consumer segment placing the product in one of the biggest sales networks in Ukraine. Lack of competitors and hot summer perfectly influenced on sales.

In spite of perfect sales, in the initial label design there were bad solutions. The solution of following problems was assigned to Goroh agency by Total LLC:
— the vertical arrangement of trademark and name makes it harder to perceive the information;
— the labels of Polunychny (strawberry) and Vyshnevy (cherry) toppings are similar in colors;
— the Karamelny (Caramel) topping has dull unpleasantly-brown background color.

Old label design of Emmi toppings, 2010

Taking into consideration the limited budget, Goroh agency has made four concepts for new label design for Emmi toppings. The new design efficiently uses the white color of the bottle, allows to distinguish clearly one product from another and allows us to read the name of the product without turning the head 90°.

Customer: Jam Ltd, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Design: Yuri Zhuravel and Alex Subbota, Goroh agency
Prepress: Alexander Fediy, Goroh agency
Packaging type: plastic bottle with self-adhesive label
Press type: flexo
Press: Druck Union print factory, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine.

Cost of Emmi toppings label design — $1200

In topic: Juices Lito restyling
Out of topic: naming and branding of Dobra Marka TM

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