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10.02.2010. Label design for “Icy Cola Light” of ÒÌ “Biola”

In addition to the traditional drink “Icy Cola” CJSC “Erlan” started producing lo-cal drink
“Icy Cola Light”.
In order not to break consumers’ existing stereotypes “Icy Cola Light” is poured into
non-transparent silver bottles. “Icy Cola Light” label design is made in consistence
with usual “Icy Cola” on metalized film.

“Please two hamburgers, big fries, cherry pie and Diet Cola… I am on a slimming diet”.
We hope that “Icy Cola Light” helps someone not to take extra calories on board.
In the process of printing preparation of “Icy Cola Light” design we found one more
way to apply 3D-preview of a future product.

Customer: “Erlan”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine,
Design: Yura Zhuravel’, Goroh Agency
Prepress: Sasha Fediy, Goroh agency.

Label design — $800


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