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08.01.2009. New design for “Icy Cola” of TM “Biola”.

Trade mark “Biola” renewed the design of one of its leading products in the line of carbonated drinks - “Icy cola”. This drink is now filled into the bottle with new shape designed by Italian studio “PET Engineering”. Restyling of the label was made by Goroh agency.

New design of “Icy Cola” preserved the main constants of old design — “heart” and general color gamma.

Label took into consideration modern design trends. “Floral-curly-vintage” motifs were used for background colored in rich indigo. Lettering “Cola” is made in archaic style reminding of those times when “Cola” was sold in every drug store in Wild West.

But… Important: never show this press release to the designers of “Goroh agency” or else they will start recollecting wise terminology instead of creating good design.

Customer: “Erlan”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine,
Idea and design: Yura Zhuravel’.
Press: “Blitz-Flex”, Kiev, Ukraine.


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