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14.08.2009. The design of pack for TM “Shchedro” spread “Po Selyans’ki”.

When Nazi occupants entered Slavic villages during World War II they first demanded from peasants the food of their dream: "Hlep, mleko, jaiko” (bread, milk, eggs). The dream of every Russian hundred-percent-he-man is “Sour cream, eggs, carrot and mayor’s daughter”.

New design of the pack “Po Selyans’ki” manufactured under the trade mark “Shchedro” – is a pure dream of both: Russian macho and Nazi occupant. The design of the pack makes one feeling the generosity of Ukrainian land in all its simplicity where nothing is artificial and everything brings serenity which cannot be disturbed by any hassling and fussy diets. The pack was designed to appeal to people who feel happy about life full of events and tasty food. This new product is for people who value the taste of food but not calories.

Table spread “Po Selyans’ki” of TM “Shchedro” like all poured margarines of TM “Shchedro” is manufactured at Zaporozhsky fat-and-oil plant, one of the modern European production sites. “Quality and generosity” is an unvaried slogan embodied in products manufactured under TM “Shchedro”.

Customer: Zaporiz'kyy Oil&Fat Factory, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine.
Design: Yura Zhuravel', Goroh agency.
Printing preparation: Sasha Fediy, Goroh agency.
Print: “Euro-Eko-Pak”, Poznan, Poland. By order OJS Company “Kometa”, Saint-Petersbourgh.


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