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10.09.2009. Design of label for Smile drink of TM Biola.

The easiest tasks usually turn to be the most complicated in practice. Smile, smile, smile What should be painted on the labels with such name? The thing that lies on the surface the smile.

We tried to find an alternative. Well, there are some different emotions...

   Smile  . .
Oops.. something is definitely wrong here...

   Smile  .  .
Thats why there are multicolored bubbles with a wide smile from ear to ear in the design of Smile label.

P.S. If you find out that everybody is smiling around it was not only Smile that you took.

Customer: Erlan, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Ideologic inspirer: Anya Konstantinovskaya.
Design and printing preparation: Yura Zhuravel, Oleg Garagulya, Sasha Fediy, Gorohagency.
Press: Blitz-Flex, Kiev, Ukraine.


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