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28.08.2009. New design of shrimp’s package of the TM “Nord Club”.

More to a logical design, there is one that causes automatic frontal muscle contraction. The latter, in its turn, raisers the eyebrows, shoulders and other parts of human body that are able to raise.

It was planned to make a new design of shrimp’s package for the LLC “Synergy Plus” in the oriental style, in particular, in the style of Japanese sushi bars using white, red and black. The said concept was maintained by respective graphic elements.

A rubberneck may ask, “How does the name “Nord Club” connects with the Japanese style?” The answer is, “In no way”... Introducing an old product’s new name in “networks” or “retails” automatically results in excess costs.

Consequently, the customer was forced to give the old name to his new product. Frankly, the old name is “neither here nor there” as to the new package design... The old design was more appropriate for the trademark “Nord Club”.

The Customer: LLC “Synergy Plus”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Design and prepress: Oleg Garagulya, Goroh agency.


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