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15.02.2009. Design for series of air freshener of TM Freshen.

Distributor Company from Odessa, “Firma Leda” in association with Goroh agency carried out the redesign of air fresheners of TM Freshen.

— different colors of pump cap (“color hodge-podge”, i.e. no unified dominating color for the entire series);
— some items are very similar to each other;
— too modest graphical solution for the names of odours;
— washy images on the cans (though this problem rather relates to the choice of print method and subcontractor).

ÒÌ «Freshen». Ñòàðûé äèçàéí.
ÒÌ «Freshen». Ëåãêèå ïðîáëåìû äèçàéíà.
New design consists of bright wavy ribbons symbolizing “waves of odours” diffused by air fresheners of TM Freshen.

After approving the general concept of design the improvement process for each item took quite a long time. Lots of odours: “Apple”, “Strawberry”, “Ocean”, Summer night”, even such exotic one as “Mountain breeze” found the reflection in this series.

We hope that 12 nice designs of TM Freshen will not only freshen Ukrainian toilets but also decorate them.

ÒÌ «Freshen». Óêðàøåíèå âàííîé êîìíàòû.
“Firma Leda” is one of the enterprises of Global ABC Corporation, and one of the largest Ukrainian distributors of domestic chemicals and health – and – beauty aids.

Customer: “Firma Leda”, Odessa, Ukraine.
Design and printing preparation: Yura Zhuravel’, Oleg Garagulya, Vitalik Petrenko.
Coordination from the Customer’s side: Valentina Shabalina.


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