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08.03.2009. The eights-of-March postcard from Goroh agency.

What associations are connected with 8th of March? Tulips in enormous amounts, champagne and martini in the same enormous amounts, all sorts of small boxes, packages and cartons decorated with ribbons: all that stuff which pleases women and embarrasses men a bit.

The men of Goroh agency performed the first part of the above “obligatory program”. But there was still a desire to create something special for women: colleagues and customers.

A “unique” solution was made to please women with postcards. But we decided not to apply the entire huge bulk of designer’s experience that we possess as well as the achievements in the field of printing: we tried and remembered the shop classes which we had at school and made a ‘hand made” postcard.

Hand made — is a matter which is quite far from fun…

Yurgen. Can’t help but scared by what is his ”hand made”

A look through 8th of March

Shop class at the after-school club of Goroh agency

Number one boy does nothing as usually…

Postcard of course turned to be quite ugly. But women whom we congratulated said that it is nice and heartfelt.

Idea: Garagulya Oleg.
Artistic cutting and applique work: huravel’ Yura and Sasha Fediy.


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