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07.07.2009. Ketchups of TM “Shchedro”. Design of pack.

Harkovsky Zhirovoy Kombinat (Kharkovsky Oil & Fat Factory) launched the production of a new product type: ketchups and sauces under TM “Shchedro”. The design of packaging was produced by Goroh agency.

Taking into consideration that the product line is traditional: “Tomatny” (“Tomato”), “Shashlychny” (“Barbecue”), “Lagidny” (“Soft”) and “Chili” – and that this market segment is quite saturated, a strict and laconic concept of design was chosen. Elegantly curved plate broadening out upwards serves as a background for the TM “Shchedro” logo. A lot of white background, bright big tomatoes and various spices.

Äèçàéí êåò÷óïîâ ÒÌ «Ùåäðî». «Òîìàòíûé» è «Øàøëû÷íûé»
Äèçàéí êåò÷óïîâ ÒÌ «Ùåäðî». «Íåæíûé» è «×èëè»

Recently Ukrainian certification authorities have stopped approving new products with design using the images that can mislead consumers. Thus, the package of so-called “spreads” which contain less butter than a certain percentage cannot show the image of cow, the “crab sticks” made of surimi cannot go with the image of a crab, etc. Since the restrictions are formulated quite vaguely any new Ukrainian product can get under the ban. On this basis the images used in the design of ketchups under TM “Shchedro” show those products which are indeed used there.

Äèçàéí ñîóñà «Êðàñíîäàðñêèé» îò ÒÌ «Ùåäðî».

In addition to the above mentioned line of ketchups the sauce “Krasnodarsky” was also produced. Buy some reason this popular sauce is not presented within the assortment of leading Ukrainian brands. Design of “Krasnodarsky” sauce under TM “Shchedro” repeats the design of ketchups in its main elements but differs by bright colored background. Such design will be a basis for the development of line presenting tomato-based sauces under TM “Shchedro”.

Customer: Harkovsky Zhirovoy Kombinat, Kharkov, Ukraine.
Design: Zhuravel’ Yura.
Printing preparation: Fediy Sasha.
Press: SAF Plastik, Izmir, Turkey.


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