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23.11.2009. Brandbook of TM “Biola”.

Having cut most of our teeth on the development of corporate identity and preparation of brand identity guidelines our agency has discovered that:

Brand book serves rather as the justification for high cost of logo design than as a real guidance on how to use the brand. The majority of brand owners (especially within the post-Soviet space) do not see any value in a trade mark logo. This is the right point of view: until money is not “injected’ into advertising of the trade mark logo it costs nothing. Therefore “brand book in a set with” allows the customer making a deep breath and pay a sufficient amount for “creative ideas”.

The majority of brand books (including ours) represent a collection of obsolete advices and recommendations. Just think about so-called “reference grid”: at present it is difficult to find a contractor who will manually cut the logos from film or plastic – take a file and do not pester your own and other people’s brain.

The great majority of brand books bears “prohibitive and imperative” message. In principle good designers have to dolefully make up the logo distortions in order to cross them out and underwrite with something like “you must never do like this”. The same good designers having an understanding that the other good designers will not even have a look at the brand book (bad designers are never trusted to work with a trade mark!) sluggishly invent the bagbiting combinations of logo color and background color, then again cross them and again write: “you must never do like this”.

Conceptually brand book cannot take into account the multitude of variants of a trade mark logo use in real life. Which color of chalk one should choose from Chinese set for drawing on asphalt when participating in children’s promotional action “My favorite brand”? How to compensate the logo distortion being projected on the clouds in the night sky? Which sort of marble should be chosen for erecting a stela at the head office?

Brand book contains large amount of unnecessary information. Why, one may ask, variants of logo placement on merchandise are shown when the list of pen kinds in the catalogue of every gift agency numbers hundreds? A pen which looks like that one in the brand book must be found? Absurdity...

Any brand book is a limiting factor introduced by the Customer to the sphere of innovation and creation. Being one of “starting set” items for “launching” new brand the brand book (after implementing all its recommendations into life) gives a moral right to “relax the muscles” and wait for results of “the right work”. Life shows that such “newborn” brands are the first to die.

In the brand book for TM “Biola” our agency gives general recommendations on how to use the brand in real life. It is free of foolish advises and prohibitions. It is adopted for clever designers to the maximum extent.

“Shape”. Going without that reference grid and using kindergarten «apples’ and “strawberries” the brand book spells out ...

... that logo can be increased and decreased only proportionally. And no other way. Otherwise it will not look nice.

“Color”. A definition of color was rephrased after famous Ford’s definition for T-model: “The color of TM “Biola” logo can be whatever if it is deep saturated blue color.

“Brands portfolio and products of TM “Biola”. In this section the issues related to the decoration of TM “Biola’s” products are covered in details. This information is intended in the first place for the manufacturers of labels.

“Grammar”. There is no such section in the majority of brand books. Against the background of total “SMS- illiteracy” it is not a superfluous one. It goes without saying that this section is addressed to copywriters and correspondents.

Sponsors’ activities within the frames of support provided to the football club “Dnepr”...

... and basketball club “Dnepr”.

Download TM “Biola’s” brand book

Customer: “Erlan”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Designers: Oleg Garagulya, Yura Zhuravel’, Sasha Fediy, Dasha Zhidko, Goroh agency.
Coordination from the Customer’s side: Anna Motina, Anya Konstantinovskaya, Vlad Tereshchenko, Fedya Selivanov, Goroh agency.


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