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10.04.2009. New design of TM “Biola” beverages.

There exist two motives for making a decision on design change for the product which sells well:
– just tired of old design;
– the focus group members, under hard pressure of moderators, were surprised to find out that they are bored with old design.

Anyway Goroh agency put pressure on no one. On the contrary, our dried up brain gratefully absorbed the task placed by the customer though complicated by the fact that initial concept was offered by “Esse House” designers.

The complexity was that according to the Customer the initial laconic design lacked something. The “concern about consumer” which has been actively manifested by Ukrainian and Russian certification authorities of late also contributed to the complexity of task: instead of for instance “Grape” “Taste of grape” must be written, instead of “Orange” – “Taste of orange”, etc.

When printing preparation of approved design took place the main problem was presented by demonstratively RGB illustrating background preformed in rich blue colors. Clear-cut system of working with color adopted at Goroh agency allowed obtaining expected results.

New design of label for TM “Biola” is targeted at the audiences understanding what they want, and for fast buy they need a clear identification, just like in kindergarten: Mary has a locker with a picture of a watermelon, and Peter – with apple.

Customer: “Erlan”, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Concept: Esse House, Kiev, Ukraine.
Design and printing preparation: Yura Zhuravel’, Goroh agency.
“Novy Mir”, Donetsk, Ukraine.
“Donplastavtomat”, Donetsk, Ukraine.


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