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25.07.2009. Design of pack for TM AS nuts.

A tradition to shell to chew to spit on the move in Slavic countries is very old. Nowadays when literally everything is done on the move (from inventions in the field of nuclear physics up to children) the emergence of a new trade mark offering so-called snacks makes little wonder.
But the design of a pack for the trade mark AS from Goroh agency has its peculiarities.

First of all the stylistics of the pack. Ornamental design of the pack has expressive traits of Arabic style. The chosen style is explained by the quality raw materials, there peanuts, pistachios, cashews, etc., which is purchased from Iran or Turkey. Such decision is still fresh on competitors background.

Another peculiarity of the project: the image of the product of the pack. The results of trial photo session did not satisfy the customer. He needed only perfect artwork. Goroh agency designed 3D-images of products which look too ideal but fully satisfy the customers needs.

 ѻ. 3D-  .
 ѻ. 3D- .
 ѻ. 3D-  .

At the moment the TM AS assortment includes only various sorts of nuts. The development of the product line by way of using flavor additives is not planned. Here we support the customer since for us the combinations like peanuts with hamburgers taste or pistachios with cheese taste seem strange.

Raw materials used by TM AS are the best one so far. We tried. We recommend.

Customer: Restal, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Ideological support: Oleg Garagulya , Goroh agency.
Design and 3D-illustations: Yura Zhuravel, Goroh agency.
Printing preparation: Sasha Fediy, Goroh agency.
Press: printing house Art-Plast, Kiev, Ukriane.


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