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01.11.2010. Green exotics from TM “Darus”.

As an addition to the product line of premium mixes TM “Darus” has released four more products. New mixes as well as vegetable and sea food mixes allow cooking the dishes which are not very usual for Ukraine. New series contains such kinds as: “Garnish with Mediterranean herbs”, “Garnish with spicy herbs”, mix “Green vegetables” and “Spinach”.
“Garnish with Mediterranean herbs”

“Garnish with spicy herbs”

“Green vegetables”


Design of packages is consistent with the general design of “starting” products, but in composition we used Mediterranean ornaments. After the packages were printed out we heard a question from one of clients of Frozen Group which brought us a lot of joy: “Why Versace is on the package?”

Customer: Frozen Group, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Design: Yura Zhuravel’, Lyokha Subbota, Goroh Agency

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