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14.07.2008. Design of packing for ÒÌ “Fish Market”.

Another design of frozen seafood...

For some reason we felt a desire to see a good old Europe with its warm seaport towns where a fresh sea wind blows, the waves rustle and the seagulls do their usual business from heaven. Walking there along narrow streets one can see thousands of antique signboards among which “Fish Market” signboard can be surely found. A kind shopkeeper inside will offer just fished out seafoods which have a tart smell of iodine and salt.

What a despair?! Why Ukraine is so far from normal seas?

Customer: “EuroDnepr”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine,
Idea: Shilan Ol’ga, Garagulya Oleg.
Artistic processing: Shugurov Alexey.
Designer: Zhidko Darya.
Manager: Shilan Ol’ga.


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