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28.07.2008. Poster “Biola Ice Tea”.

The idea is as simple as ABC (judging from the title) but the realization turned to be quite complicated. In contrast to the story of poster “Icy Cola” this time the bottle had to be “frozen” into a block of ice. To our despair the bottle either drowned or showed its wrong side, then it got frozen together with the tea, and finally the ice flattened the bottle beyond recognition.
Photographer Anatoly Kasyan demonstrating the wonders of craftiness and juggling finally obtained a proper result.
Since we experienced a kind of time pressure (putting it mildly) we decided not to freeze raspberry: it was blocked in the ice with the help of Photoshop.

P.S. No berry was affected during the photography session.

Customer: “Biotrade”.
Coordination from the Customer’s side: Motina Anna, Konstantinovskaya Anna, Fedor Selivanov.
Photographer: Kasyan Anatoly.
Designer: Zhidko Darya.
Manager: Olga Shilan.


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