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28.03.2008. Package design of the TM “Akula”.

There is no doubt, it is our agency, which assisted the LLC “Eurodnepr” (our regular customer) in the introduction of a new trademark of frozen sea foods. The range of products includes variety of sea chordates and invertebrates, i.e. shrimps, squids, octopuses, mussels, etc.

The package design is rather nostalgic as it applies to the times, when there were neither colored nor black-and-white photographs. Used engravings are aimed at the proclamation of the unbreakable at any times gastronomic values. (“Have you understood, what you’ve said?”).

The name of the trademark appeals to human beings enjoying life to the full (and even fuller) right now... Rawr...

Customer: LLC “Eurodnepr”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Concept: Oleg Garagulya.
Designer: Zhidko Dasha.
Press: “Nargus”, Kharkov, Ukraine.


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