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31.12.2008. New Year’s resolutions: chants of promises.

Every human (even the worst one) is sure that he/she is good. Every human (even the best one) wants to become better. On the eve of each New Year billions of people around the world give themselves trillions of promises, but ... For some reasons promises remain just promises.

To give up drinking, smoking and (all the more so) start eating healthy food during New Year holidays is not feasible by common-sense reasoning moreover it is quite dull. The most important thing indeed is not to give up bad habits but to feel healthy; not to work off excess 10 kilo but to be satisfied with you’re your own body; not to start attending English courses but to find common understanding with people speaking different languages.

“Goroh agency” developed the traditionally “black” New Year’s greeting card where multiple promises were given: to give up everything and become better.

The text is below (just in case someone would like to send it to a friend):

I'll give up drinking, smoking, swearing,
I will be sportive, active, caring.
Will never drink an alcohol,
I will bring home my payroll.

I will be not swearing hero,
Even when my cash shows “zero”.
I'll give up wanking (do my best),
And let my body have a rest.

I'll give up watching TV spots,
I’ll start to listen mother’s words.
I will never fight with friends,
Before the dinner wash my hands.

I will never watch the porn,
Will be clean as newly born.
And my hidden stock of hemp
Will donate to hippies camp.

Will not break the traffic laws,
I am a very good (because).
No pissing on light boxes,
No trade in any toxes.

I’ll give up for sure gambling,
None my finger will be trembling.
Will get up extremely early,
Will become so grand and burly.

Won’t eat with garlic bread,
I will juices drink instead.
I will be so right and proper,
Incomparable high-topper.

This is my New Year's range,
After that the luck can change…

Generally we are already good enough as we are. But in 2009 we will be even better.

Pic for a long memory

Should anyone need this greeting card in a hard copy please use follow up with “Goroh agency”

Customer: we for ourselves.
Idea: Oleg Garagulya.
3d-modeling and design: Yura Zhuravel’.


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