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06.04.2008. “Olympic-2”. Advertising campaign: ”House-warming is coming”.

There are lots of building companies in Dnepropetrovsk which offer “turnkey apartments”. Indeed future dwellers receive keys from “armor-plated” door which securely guards concrete walls, cement floor, plastic windows, lavatory basin for workers, and (if you are not lucky enough) interior partitions. That’s all.
Residential estate “Olympic-2” really offers “turnkey apartments” for those who prefer fast warming-up without any repairing renovations in their own or neighboring apartments, i.e. you have to buy only house slipper - the building company took care of all other things. Advertising slogan: “Come in and live”.

Implementation of advertising campaign: placing on billboards.
Customer: “Ukraine – Canada”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine,
Coordination from the Customer’s side: Zhivonos Tatyana.
Designer: Zhuravel Yury.


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