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01.04.2008. Boutique “P.S.”.

In modern life thanks to the efforts of chinese and turkish light industry it ia quite difficult to find attire which will make one happy owing to the fact that the same is not worn by the half of the city. Such attire is very valuable, both: in terms of attitude and money.


Boutique “Post Scriptum” is located at the central avenue of Dnepropetrovsk. As supposed to be it is not large in terms of space but very cozy: just entrance and a large window of an ancient house. Style – combination of classics with modern design – has found its reflection in the logo. Letters “P.S.” are handwritten but filled with the expression of street graffiti.

The boutique does not try to get into each passerby’s eyes.

It has enough dignity to wait for real connoisseurs of its attires.

Certainly the pavements of Dnipropetrovks are not so clean.
Instead of yardmen Photoshop had to “broom” them.

Pieces of corporate style

Customer: Bakunovitskaya I.R.
Idea: Zhidko Dasha.
Design: Garagulya Oleg, Zhidko Dasha.


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