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05.04.2008. Exhibition stand of Comintern plant.

Since 31 march till 5 April the exhibition “Messe Duesseldorf Tiube 2008” took place in Dusseldorf. This fair is the most important yearly event for all tubes manufacturers over the world. That’s why – the more unusual the exhibition stand is the coolest it is.

Office Messe Dusseldorf

Exhibition plant with lots of workshops

“Dnepropetrovsk steel works Comintern” and “Kominmet” (which represents the interests of Comintern) tried to show two main products on the exhibition: welded square section tubes and steel products and constructions coated with colored metals.
Square section tubes are generally used for erecting light frame constructions. Coating with colored metals is used for protecting steel from influence of aggressive environments and is applied in different areas: from lead coating for vehicles fuel tanks to zink coating of construction elements in building. Corrosion resistance of zink coated surfaces is 10 times higher as compared to painted surfaces.

Moreover the plant manufactures a threatening strategic weapon of Ukrainian Engineering Corps: “big entrenching shovel” (BSL-1)*, “small entrenching shovel” (MSL-2)** and the dream of all automobilists “folding entrenching shovel” (SS-20)** - do not confuse with the similar ballistic rocket.
Apart from entrenching tools the plant since Soviet times has been manufacturing household devices which are still popular within CIS spaces: washing washtub ****, 32-liter cleaning vat*****, and (the hit of sales) 10-liter zink plated bucket. So what is the use of describing the whole assortment?

The above information leads to a simple thought: how can we offer an exhibition stand made of shaky materials like aluminium, plastic and banner textile to the plant with a revolutionary name which manufactures a real metal hardcore! We were not able to bring ourselves to doing this (including every organ of our organisms).

Goroh agency did not falter and in response offered to the plant a real iron orgy: to produce a stand from items manufactured by the plant. Everything-everything- everything... Even furniture.

Stand project. 3D-visualization.

Unlike the debiles who tried to fulfill the order “by yesterday” the plant management perfectly understood how much time was needed for executing this project.

During the year the drafts and project documents had to be prepared for all elements of stand construction, then those elements had to be manufactured, zink coated; non-metal elements had to be made too, electrical interconnections had to be placed, a furniture had to be selected, then a trial assembly and disassembly had to take place, the whole stand had to be loaded into a sea container, delivered to Germany, where everything had to be finally assembled in such a way that no spare parts are left behind and no additional processing with the file takes place.

Central trussed stela

Manufacturing of poles supporting the banner

Preliminary assembly of stand

Zink coated elements of stand construction

Shining like what?

Zink plated floor. Shining like where?

Decoration of technical area

Decoration of recreation area

VIP-zone. Decorated with a chandelier weighing 80 kg

Decoration elements. Consist of 378 tubes each

It is understandably that spare parts remained but not so many to speak about. File also came in handy. The tranquility which reigned at the enterprise in the face of delivery schedule breakdown was astonishing. People rugged during the last five-year plans of Soviet Union knew that everything would be made in time and the sun would shine, i.e. the stand would shine with all its zink coated surfaces.

Foreigners contemplate the stand

We cannot say for foreigners but we liked that work.

And more – bunch of thanks to the Customer for trusting in Goroh’s efficiency and for record-low number of changes introduced into the original design of exhibition stand.

Customer: Kominmet, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Coordination from the Customer’s side: Vylykh Filipp, New Technics and Technologies Director of “Kominmet”.
Idea: Garagulya Oleg.
Design and 3D-visualization: Gural’nik Gleb.
Project engineering: Tkachenko Vladimir Vasilyevich, Director of Design and Engineering Department of “Kominmet”.
Production and assembly of steel constructions: Komarov Sergey Viktorovich, Director of Mantenance and Engineering workshop of Comintern.
“Platonov”– visual decoration of stand.
“Artek” – decorative plastic.
“Shilan” – sliding systems.
“Salamandra” – glass construction.
** In accordance with GOST 19596-87 – “Trenching spade LKM”.
*** In accordance with GOST 19596-87 – “Small folding shovel «Mole»”.
**** In accordance with DSTU 3277-95 – “Zink coated washtub 13 l”.
***** In accordance with DSTU 3277-95 – “Zink coated vat 32 l”.


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