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22.07.2008. Design of label for TM “Ani” juices.

A majority of drinks in modern world are poured into a packing which is alien to tactual and visual human’s organs: laminated cardboard, plastic bottles…
Despite all advancements aimed at the decrease of package cost a classical glass bottle is always more pleasant to hold in hand. Thanks to this its content acquires the taste which may be not originally inherent to it.
Another our Customer placed a task to design a label for TM “Ani”. TM “Ani” juices are made of fruits and vegetables grown on sunny hillsides of Armenia. These juices are bottled in a glass jars with beautiful and unusual design. (Though we don’t know the designer of the bottle but we send him our big respect). The shape of the bottle naturally has determined the shape of the label.

Giving the Customer his due we should say he is not at all afraid of black color. Black color advantageously sets off the bright fragments of fruits shown on the label.

In general we think that a good design of a bottle was not spoilt by our label.

Customer: “National”, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Designer: Zhidko Darya.
Manager: Yagovkina Natalya.


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