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25.08.2008. ÒÌ “Thermos”. Advertising block in “Food & Drink” magazine.

It seems there is too much ice in our works recently. Looks like winter is coming…

Our new Customer, the company operating in the field of logistics and storage of frozen food takes first but resolute steps under trademark “Thermos”. One of these steps – placing ads in leading specialized magazine “Food & Drink”.

Placing images of scantily lit warehouses with rows of shelves tightly packed with cartons…. Too dull….

We made a decision to show food carefully packed in ice. This solution both: looks impressive and supports the company’s corporate style.

Customer: TM “Thermos”, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukrane.
3D-modeling and design: Zhuravel’ Yura.
Moral support during the scene rendering: Garagulya Oleg.
Manager: Yagovkina Natalie.

Term of the order execution — 3 working days.


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