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03.05.2014. Mineral water “Znamenovskaya”. Redesign

A good designer uses everything to create anything. Even when he scribbles together with his daughter.

Mineral water “Znamenovskaya” from TM “Biola” , 2014. A fragment of the label

When a child had thoroughly decorated a sheet of paper, it made you understand that a picture of a “flower” after some editing can be used for a new design of mineral water “Znamenovskaya”. This design goes well together with a new logo of the trade mark “Biola” and new design of “Biola” juices. That is why, among the other concepts created by Goroh agency, the customer has chosen that version.

Mineral water “Znamenovskaya” has been produced since 1997. Its label design has been changed several times since then. And finally, it has been radically changed.

Mineral water “Znamenovskaya” is extracted in the resort area. Label's design carries us away to the land of pine forests and oak woods, pure springs, cold creeks and quiet ponds. It takes us to the place where mysterious fogs, turning into dew, flow down the leaves: where an ancient lake splashes deep under the ground and its water fills us with the nature’s energy and quenches our thirst on hot days.

Customer: “Erlan”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Idea: Yuri Zhuravel, Goroh agency.
Painters: Irma and Yuri Zhuravel, Goroh agency.
Prepress: Oleg Yanchenko, Goroh agency.
Print type: roll offset using UV inks
Package type: PET-bottle with round “pearl white” PP label
Print: “Marzek Pechatny Dvor”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Total cost of “Znamenovskaya” new design — $2102
Concept — $670
Layout and prepress, 2 SKU — $244
Resize and prepress, 7 SKU — $700
“Znamenovskaya Sport”, design and prepress — $488

First concept — 27.11.2013
Print — 18.04.2014
Total duration of the project — 3,5 months

In topic: previous design of mineral water “Znamenovskaya
Out of topic: design of new drink “Mojito” from TM “Biola”.

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