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28.02.2011. “Mojito”. Design of new drink from TM “Biola”

How “long” an assortment line can be? Indeed as many people there are the many preferences and tastes exist. Theoretically the assortment can be endless though at that the market capacity for each separate product approaches zero. As a rule only large and famous brands can afford experiments with new products. Indeed if the product “doesn’t go” certain financial losses will be borne by the manufacturer.

Mojito drink is one of TM “Biola’s” experiments along with many others, e.g.«enerGO». From its “ancestor”, classical mojito cocktail, the drink took the best thing – unspeakably invigorating combination of mint and lime.

Design of the drink which Goroh agency offered is quite simple. Heat-shrinking label imitates the glass filled with ice, lime segments and mint leaves.
“Mojito”of TM “Biola”. Design of label.
“Mojito. Strawberry” of TM “Biola”. Design of label.

For promotion of the new drink we developed also the design of poster. We hope that together with an apt slogan, “Mojito forever is summer flavor”, the new drink will find its fans and become one more successful experiment of TM Biola”.

Customer: “Erlan”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine,
Design: Yura Zhuravel’, Goroh Agency
Prepress: Sasha Fediy, Goroh agency.

Design cost:
Label design — $800
Poster design — $1200

Project finish — 11.01.2011
Project finish — 28.02.2011
Total duration of works — 1.5 months

On topic: : Label design for «Icy Cola Light of ÒÌ Biola »
Off topic: Green exotics from TM « Darus»


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