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06.05.2011. TM Schedro ketchups. New design again

Ketchup design change is the part of a more large-scale work on all products, manufacturing under the trade mark SCHEDRO, packing style full unification. Despite the “airy-white” TM Schedro ketchups old design was quite good, this range of products required changes in keeping with the TM Schedro new style.

The “characters and performers” remained the same within the frames of the new package design style. But their number rocketed. Considering that previously “Tomato” ketchup according to its design was made of a single tomato, one yellow pepper and one hot pepper as well as several mint leaves, now each packing contains not less than nine tomatoes. Everything is clear: more, bigger, and deeper.

Before the work started, the customer had approved the new design being a collage of vegetables, grocery and spices the ketchup contained. That’s why the preliminary photo shoot was undertaken and the pics of a future design “spare parts” were taken. This allowed Goroh agency designers to enjoy popping the tomatoes and peppers into the quite limited area of the packing surface for two months. Only the realization of the intolerable importance of the process allowed the new design creators getting their rocks off completely.

Customer: CJSC “Kharkiv Fat Factory”, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Photo: Mikhal Demianovich, Ra-studio
Design: Yuri Zhuravel, Goroh agency
Prepress: Sasha Fediy, Goroh agency
Packaging type: Doy-Pack from metalized laminate film
Press type: rotogravure printing
Press: “ASAS”, Ankara, Turkey.
Rep in Ukraine: “Alfa-Pack”, Kiev, Ukraine.

Cost of the new design of Schedro TM ketchups — $2850
Photo — $1000
Assortment, 4 SKU — $1150
Prepress — $700

Project start — 29.11.2010
Project finish — 07.04.2011
Total duration — 4 months and 1 week

In topic: TM Schedro tomato sauces package design in 2010
Out of topic: TM Schedro Provencal Premium mayonnaise package design in 2008

Examples of package design, which were created by Goroh agency for other customers.


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