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20.04.2011. New bottle design for Biola juices

The successful launch of Lito Juices has generated a problem for the main brand, Biola juices. In spite of masking of Lito juices bottle with leaves, it still looks very similar to Biola juices bottles. This has lead to the classical situation of “cannibalism”: the conflict between the different price segment trademarks, included into brand portfolio. Briefly, because of products high similarity the consumer preferred Lito juices which were 1 hryvnia cheaper than Biola juices fairly considering that the difference in quality is not huge.

The development of new bottle as well as  the new label was solving this problem completely. In spite of apparent variety, multiplicity and other “-ties” (“-ty”) there are many technical restrictions in design and form of PET bottles which do not allow the designer to work free. The form of bottle bottom as well as bottleneck is strictly standardized. The height of the bottle is restricted with standards of shelf height in refrigerator or retail equipment. The difference between minimum and maximum diameter should not exceed the specific size. The correlation between height and width of the bottle should be appropriate for the bottle to be stable on conveyer. The bottle thickness should be minimal and it should contain “beautifully” the necessary volume of liquid. Whew... Where can we put creativity?

Luckily, the client already has the approximate image of the bottle form. The specialists from Goroh agency have managed to “guess” this form through several iterations. And PET-engineers (PET-engineering company) had to develop its release.

Customer: Erlan, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. www.biola.u
Bottle shape design: Yuri Zhuravel, Goroh agency
Release: PET-Engineering, Italy.

Cost of the new bottle design for Biola juices — $1500

Start of the project — 23.09.2010
Finish of the project — 22.12.2010
Total duration of the project — 3 months

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