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20.04.2011. The new label design of ÒÌ “Biola Juices”. What could be simpler?

Proposals and solutions that have been offered before by the Goroh agency, but not accepted by the customer for some reasons, are implemented in the new label design of ÒÌ “Biola Juices”. Owing to a new bottle shape, the label height has been reduced. The maximum enlarged fruit, in comparison with the previous design, nevertheless, leave enough space for branded deep-green “Biola” background.
Alt. The new and the old design of label for TM “Biola Juices”.

The label became simple and brief. We wonder what we will do if the customer wants to make it even simpler?

Customer: JSC “Erlan”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Package design: Yura Zhuravel, Goroh agency.
Assisted: Lyosha Subbota, Goroh agency.
Layout and prepress: Sasha Fediy, Goroh agency.

The cost of label design for TM “Biola Juices”
Concept — 1200 USD
Product range and prepress (17 positions) — 10 600 USD
Layout of text part (42 positions) — 2 000 USD
Resize (44 positions) — 4 600 USD
Total:20 600 USD

Project start — 27.12.2010
Project completion — 23.03.2011
Total period for work performance — three months.

Into the subject: TM label « Leto Juices». Also juices. Also our design.
Out of the subject: frozen greens (it is not the deposit in USD for 10 years) from ÒÌ «Darus».

Label design. Not the whole one... Just what we managed to lay out.


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