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01.04.2011. New design of “Znamenovskaya”.

Mineral water “Znamenovskaya” has been produced since 1997. It is the first product which CJSC “Erlan” started producing under “Biola” trade mark. Design of this product has been changing more than once within its history. General trend: from complexity to simplicity.
2002 ăîä.
Image was kindly provided by CJSC “Erlan”

Paper label. Logo of TM “Biola” is with blue and green wave. Practically the entire label area presents the engraving of rural scenery. The village looks like Ukrainian but in fact it was drawn following the traditions of someone from “the Flemish school of painting” where naturally Dutch village was pictured.
2004 ăîä.
Image was kindly provided by CJSC “Erlan”

Label is still made of paper. Flemish and Ukrainian scenery is smaller and framed in oval. Logo was decided to be one-color. On the label for carbonated water the logo is a dark blue one, and on non-carbonated – green one since the prevailing color in this label design is sea-green.

On the background of both labels: for carbonated and for non-carbonated water there are zigzags of correspondent color. These were added apparently for avoiding some sort of emptiness.
2006 ăîä

Nothing changed. Just the material for label became a transparent film. Lighter parts of background are those which were left transparent in order to emphasize the cleanness of water.
Mineral water “Znamenovskaya. Label design. Year 2009.
2009 ăîä

This label; design of “Znamenovskaya” in 2009 was made by our agency. All design elements became more “airy”, and zigzags were replaced by perfectly logical “waves”.
Mineral water “Znamenovskaya. Label design. Years 2001-2011.
2002–2011. Progress reached within 9 years
Mineral water “Znamenovskaya. Label design. Years 2001-2011.

In 2011 the decision was made to change the bottle. Now “Znamenovskaya” water is bottled in “fashionable” bottles in which starting from 2009 popular drinks of trade mark “Biola” have been sold. «Icy Cola» č «Quake». Due to the narrow label the rural scenery became “uncalled”.
Mineral water “Znamenovskaya.  Sign “Aqua Balance”
Sign. «Aqua Balance»

The place was cleared from everything “unnecessary” and the sign “Aqua Balance” was put. “Aqua Balance” is the basis of advertising campaign of “Znamenovskaya”. This sign symbolizes a balanced combination of salts and minerals. The image of “Girl on a Ball” by Pablo Picasso known to everyone was converted to a figure balancing on a drop of water.

On the basis of materials from photo session provided by “Praktika Production” and received in the result of shooting of advertising clip the designers of Goroh agency prepared a nice poster.
“Znamenovskaya”. “Ideally balanced by nature”

Customer: “Erlan”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Label design: Lyosha Subbota, Sanya Fediy, Goroh agency
Prepress: Sasha Fediy, Goroh agency
Poser design: Serge, Bezugly, Goroh agency
Printing: printing house “Blitz-Flex”, Kiev,

Design cost.
Label — $730
Size adaptation — $500
3D (6 positions) — $375
Poster design — $1100

Project start — 07.12.2010
Project finish — 01.04.2011
Total duration of works — about 4 months

On topic: brand book for TM «Biola»
Off topic: design development for beer of TM «Kil’chen»

Other examples of label designs for different drinks


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