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25.10.2011. “Cosmopolitan”. A new cocktail from ÒÌ “Biola”

After the release of the popular drink «Mojito» CJSC “Erlan” continued a cocktail line with the new product, “Cosmopolitan”. The design, developed by the Goroh agency, adheres to the Cosmopolitan traditions: bourgeois languor, decadence in the eyes and dolly luxury. But at the same time eroticism and sexuality that are present in postures of partying "chicks", "like walking a tightrope".
In short, everything is like at usual party: a lot of drunken female bodies wearing not much clothes and complete lack of understanding what they are engaged in "for real" and what they are thinking with.

Alt. Label design “Cosmopolitan”.

The colour scheme is selected to match the colour of the drink. The illustrations on the label of “Cosmopolitan” are very explicit, with lots of details. If you are suddenly in the mood “to watch”, here you go.

It is dedicated to those who sleep during the day and drink coloured liquids instead of water.

Customer: CJSC “Erlan”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Design: Yura Zhuravel, Goroh agency.

The cost of label design for “Cosmopolitan”
Label design — 1375 USD
Prepress — 620 USD

Project start — 22.08.2011
Project completion — 25.10.2011
Total period for work performance — two months

Into the subject: poster design “IcyCola” — “Quake”.
Out of the subject: package design for shrimps of TM Nord Club» in 2009. Now is worse.

Others logotypes, developed by us.


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