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21.02.2014. A new logo of “Biola”

The logo of the trademark “Biola” has been changed twice since its creation in 1997.

Previous versions of the trademark “Biola”: 1997, 2001 and 2007

This year the company’s executives decided to renew the design of all main “Biola” products. It will refresh consumer's perception of this brand. Of course, the logo has been redesigned too.

Since “Biola” produces drinks for different groups of consumers, its product range was divided into three categories: “Nature”, “Classic” and “Youth”. Besides logo redesign, it was necessary to create series of “modifiers” or “identifiers” for each category of the brand.

The category “Nature” include such products as juice “Biola”, mineral water “Znamenovskaya” and “Kalipso”, as also “Ice Tea”. The category “Classic” comprises fizzy drinks “Biola” and “Breeze”, juice “Summer” and water “Two Oceans”. The category “Youth” include drinks “Icy”, cocktails “Biola” and energy drinks “EnerGO”.

In Goroh agency’s presentation, the company’s executives saw one version of the logos and it caught their attention. However, the chosen logo required some improvements. It should look like “native” on the present labels in all three modifiers, which were to be created.

A new logo of “Biola”, 2014. Three modifiers.

Three modifiers of a new logo of “Biola”: “Nature”, “Classic” and “Youth”

It cannot be argued that the final version turned out to be a revelation. The quantity of versions suggests otherwise. However, on the day of Biola’s birthday there were a lot of balloons with the new company’s logo dangling in a funny way under the office ceiling...

Celebrating of Biola

...and the first batch of juice with the new design had been produced.

The first batch of juice “Biola”with the new label design

Customer: “Erlan”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Author of the logo: Yuri Zhuravel, Goroh agency.
Presentation: Garagulya Oleg, Goroh agency.

Cost of a new logo “Biola” — $1200

Start — 13.11.2013
End — 04.02.2014
Total duration of work — 2,5 months

In topic: naming and design of energy drink “EnerGO”.
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