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03.04.2007. “Actio-Marketing”. Creation of logo.


What can be done here?

No... It’s a junk...
Interesting, want the word “actio” means?
Aha... Roman law, activity, action...

Wow! Romans were cool guys. They had such a fantastic armour and helmets with whisks. A laconic helmet can be outlined, and then we will tell the customer that those gladiators, for example... No, not gladiators but legionaries were the men of action. And in Latin ‘action’ is ’actio’.

Damn! Helmets are OK but too far from common people’s understanding.

Well, let me see.. this lower one looks like a lowercase “a”.

Yes, it is much closer to what we need. First letter of the name, besides looking as a Roman legionary’s helmet – a wonderful legend can be made up.
Though I think it would be better to fix a tail of a Roman’s helmet to letter “a”. I this case it will not look so direct.

It seems that this is what we need...

Then this should be shaped somehow in a clever and nice way. Something like this.

And – an abstruse description.

Name is a derivative from Latin “actio”, action.

The word’s origin suggested an idea of using Roman symbols and aesthetics. The basis of a sign is a stlylized helmet image of Roman Legionary. Motto of Roman legionaries: “Honour, courage, action!” In contour of the Roman helmet one can read letter “A”.

Red arched element which imitates the helmet plume introduces a necessary dynamics to a steady in tote sign. Its right side as if points to the Company’s specialization.

A type used for the word “Actio” is a classical antique. This is the type which ancient Romans used.

Customer: Actio-Marketing.
Coordination from the Customer’s side: Motina Anna.
Design: Garagulya Oleg.


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