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26.12.2007. Kinda New Year.


– Hallo…
– Well… Hello…
– Hi..
– Hi.
– We need to have twenty thousand one hundred thirty eight New Year cards printed.
– Why the number is so strange?
– My boss respects Green Peace which struggles for saving jungles in delta of Amazon River. We calculated the exact number of our contractors in order to avoid unnecessary cutting down of the trees in virgin forests of Amazon River.
– Ah..I got it. Don’t worry. Your order will take several hectares of virgin forests of peninsula of Finland so no tree in Amazon district will suffer. Tell your boss to take it easy.
– Thank you so much for your contribution to the protection of Amazonian forests!

– There is nothing to thank me for. When your contractors should receive the post cards?
– Well.. On 26 December.
– Are you comfortable with the fact that 26 December is today?
– Well… We have been calculating the number of cards so thoroughly in order to avoid unnecessary cutting down of….
– I understood about Amazon. Do you think that on 15 January your contractors or whatever you call them will be happy to read your cards?
– Why on 15 January? We have planned that our contractors will receive them on 31 December with their glasses clinking, among their near and dear ones…. …
– Stop, stop, stop… Do you think that robots are working at the post office? Which never celebrate New Year?
– Why are you telling so? No one should take the delivery of New Year post cards so air-mindedly. We plan a courier delivery to each contractor’s address. It will be such an unusual surprise for them! Just imagine: the clock is striking twelve times, glasses clink, near and dear ones around, and suddenly – bell rings! A courier has brought a post card!
– Ah. So couriers will be those robots which never celebrate New Year?
– We did not get into technical details with my boss but I am glad that we have found a common language with you. You have such a deep feeling about your Customer!
– Aren’t you a blond by any chance?
– You see! I made no mistake addressing to you! Yesterday I had my hair dyed in a platinum blond, and my boss liked it! Moreover I had my manicure done with the color… …
– So.. To put the things short.. Best regards to your boss and you please .. you just go to… go to delta of Amazon river. We have a Company’s party, kinda drunken feast. Kinda New Year.

The customers of that kind put us out of temper enormously. With enviable consistency they fall into the same trap: they order New Year products on the eve of a New Year.

Owing to these blockheads our own card is a bit sad and kinda tired. But as far as we observed the post cards anyway are never read.

Customer: well, everybody understands who it is.
Design: Garagulya Oleg.
Picture: the very same.


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