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12.03.2007. Corporate Design of RISKA.NET.UA Portal.


Portal RISKA.NET.UA arose from the riot growth of the real estate market and, as a consequence, lots of scammed Ukrainian citizens. Website provides consulting and information assistance to those involved (in any way) in the Ukrainian real estate market.

Color schemes meaning “danger” and “increased attention” in nature are used in the corporate design. The same colors are used in warning signs. In one word: achtung, achtung!

Unfortunately, web developers just thumbed the corporate design guidance and blew it off.

Customer: LLC Nedvizhimost-invest, Kiev, Ukraine.
Art director: Oleg Garagulya.
Designers: Olga Maynaya, Gleb Guralnick.
Consulting: Taras Shkitsa, STM-design studio.


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