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05.03.2007. Mix Promotion 2007. Amateur’s View.

After: lunch

Good intentions are crashed by the prose of existence (short short, money squeeze, lack of professionalism) so often.

Such crap is incidental to a project, which is not bad as a whole. The latter was undertaken by the enthusiasts of Abris agency. General impression is that the 2006 catalog is much better than that for 2007.

First thing striking was bled running titles. Besides, they were bled agly. Page design underlines it even more. It is evident that trouble could have happened – whether the publishers encountered book binding peculiarities for the first time or the printing office never experienced so unwieldy design.

Column design and composition of articles and interviews are of a greater trouble.
There was a slight mayhem as regards the column design. The catalog publisher bade for the best section design. However, by long-standing Ukrainian tradition, participants were not acquainted with bidding results. (Though…May be Goroh agency was the only bidder?)

As the result – the cover story is Advertising People. These Advertising People look as optimistic as if they were even not on the tablet. One can hardly keep from signing the photos with “Bewail and remember”.

What a difference is the jaunty illustrations of Goroh agency!

May be humor has no place in a serious media?

Articles and interview makeup sins by light deficiencies. As instance, font size of some interviews is beyond general makeup. However, one should note the proper use of special symbols like dash, quotes, etc. It should be mentioned that forced spacing is no longer in fashion and four running hyphenations are allowed only in the newspaper making-up.

The catalog participants were afforded an opportunity to make up articles. That was a fatal solution for the catalog’s exterior appearance. As a result, there is a peachy-keen hodgepodge.

Direct advertising on the content page having a codename “Presentations” is fraying. The most prevalent practice is so that the recurrence is the best way of memorizing. The companies listed below did not have any fresh ideas since Mix Promotion 2006:
– Sledopit;
– Artmedia Advertising Group Ukraine;
– Sunday;
– Ledokol;
– Pechatny dvor;
– Enem;
– FiYESta;
– Vlasov and partners;
– Promocenter;
– Courier delivery of Reklamnoye pole newspaper;
– Prosto;
– Amigo;
– Atelye reklami;
– IdeaFix.
Apply to us if this is not too much for the above mentioned companies. Your advertising made in our agency will be kept in minds seriously and for the long haul. But it should be done even now to be in time for Promotion Ìix 2008. Don’t you recommend your customers to take seriously their advertising and corporate design, do you?

We should note the outstanding advertising of Maximum; for certain, it revives spirits not only while reading the catalog, but also gazing around during rush hours’ pile-ups. Lama makes good advertising, though it is somewhat inconsistent.
The rest is lousy.

“Presentations” of “advertising people” are so “specific”.
Once again Vlad Malko had “chewed” already grazed marketing fast food as uninviting yellow-green and blue pizza. He apologized that any-and-each Bates, Ssachi and Ssachi, Brand Aid, etc., etc., etc. “chewed” this product in the form of “wheels”, “onions”, and “clay pigeons”.

Olya Gromova made like a tree to be seen in the section “Advertising agencies”, rather than “Professional answers”.

Timur Kozlov is down as not all the services of the team he is in charge with are center located.

Maxim Zuyev is very proud, because each square meter of a commodious and cozy office includes, speaking “number language” 0,125 “team members”, 0,515 mega-pixels fall within each member with “2,4 tyrabites” (do not confuse with tyrannosaurus) running somewhere in between.

Oleg Bildukevich should peruse his article “Creator and asphalter” and apply his own recommendations to his advertising.
Two-page (86-87) spread should have included good prints for Eye Q Optic (with a car and watch); the rest should have been removed, especially the design for Toyota Center Dnepropetrovsk “Almaz Motor” – the latter is very much like the “good” design for Eye Q Optic.
The illustration to Bartolomeo is the pure innocent plagiarism. One can hardly believe that guys from Hollywood said something like that, “Well, fellas, we have already shaken the money tree when leased Casino Royal. So, you may use for free the style and our goodest logo “007” with a pistol. You may even use it in Grand Casino Bartolomeo action!”

All admen discourse upon skinflint clients, which want to leave not an inch of a virgin paper in their promotional materials. When admen themselves become clients, they work miracles of the miserliness. Most advertising double-page spreads look like a stamp album and eyes are heavy from services listed in small print.

The miserliness appears even in “Reference information” section. If you do not pay any dough, get scratched of a list. Thus, certain “not very large” print shops like Luna Pack, Vesna, Art-Press are out of the catalog’s scope.

General effect from the catalog “Mix Promotion 2007” is so that it is a shilling digest of tired morals for “town hayseeds, which saw nothing in their lives”. While Dnepropetrovsk admen teach local clients “to use manipulating techniques during the trademark identity design”, the latter, in so serene a manner, order advertising in UK, Italy and Russia.

Resume: Making world-class work, rather than reasoning about regional advertising peculiarities, is much more required.


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