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22.04.2014. Juices “Biola”. New design

We live in strange times. Surrounded by different technological wonders we enjoy seeing a wormy apple. Fascination with the science ended and the idea of smarter and nicer nature
has come. Instead of bright plastic gloss we want to have something simple, close and native.

Label design and bottle shape of “Biola” juices have been changed a few times. Each new design has become more simple and less glossy.

New design of “Biola” juices, which has been created by “Goroh agency” this year, catches the eye of the consumer with its painterly manner and “hand-made” style used to image fruits on the labels. As deep green has become a “de facto” corporate color of “Biola” juices, it was decided to use it in the new design. Besides that, white takes a large area in the new design. Brushstrokes are well visible on a white background and that light imperfection and some incompleteness increases the hand-made effect.

Expressive strokes convey live motions of the brush rather than cold and rational view of a camera lens.

Illustrations used in the new design of “Biola” juices: “Tomato” and “Apple”

“Cherry” and “Blackberry”

“Cranberry–Pomegranate” and “Mango–Orange”

“Grapefruit–Orange” and “Peach”

Label unfolding

Customer: “Erlan”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Idea: Yuri Zhuravel, Goroh agency.
Painter: Yuri Zhuravel, Goroh agency.
Prepress: Oleg Yanchenko, Goroh agency.
Print type: roll offset using UV inks
Package type: PET-bottle with round “pearl white” PP label
Print: “Marzek Pechatny Dvor”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Total cost of the “Biola” juices new design — $5429
Concept — $462
Assortment, 11 SKU — $2773
Layout and prepress, 13 SKU — $1092
Resize and prepress, 16 SKU — $1102

First concept — 17.12.2013
Print — 18.03.2014
Total time, from concept till print — 4 months

In topic: design of new drink “Mojito” from TM “Biola”.
Out of topic:Emmi” jam label design.

Other examples label design, which has been created by “Goroh agency”


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