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29.09.2013. “For Pasta”, “For Fish”, “For Dumplings”. New sauces of TM “Schedro”

What to cook for dinner? Sterlet with Beshamel sauce will be the right thing... Or maybe pasta? Something as tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce... Yummy! No... It contains a lot of calories. Light salad with figs, prosciutto and the Aioli sauce will be better. Or pasta? Fettuccine with Pesto sauce. No... Anyway, it’s better to cook something simple . For example, juicy roast beef with a drop of Worcestershire sauce.

Trade mark “Schedro” produced three new sauces, “For Pasta”, “For Fish” and “For Dumplings”, to get rid of consumers sore thoughts and long hesitations with such wide choice.

“For Dumplings” sauce

“For Fish” sauce

“For Pasta” sauce

The purpose of each sauce is clear as a bell. Letters and picture make it clear for a consumer. If you bought a fish, you should take the sauce “For Fish”. If you buy pasta, don’t forget about the sauce “For Pasta”. But if you decided to treat yourself to dumplings, grab a proper sauce.

Don’t try to use the sauce “For Dumplings” for fish!

Customer: Trade House “Schedro”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Design: Yuri Zhuravel, Goroh agency
Photographer: Taras Dovhych,
Food-stylist: Sonya Gukaylo,
Prepress: Oleg Yanchenko, Goroh agency
Packaging type: Doy-Pack from metalized laminate film
Press type: rotogravure printing
Press: “Ukrplastic”, Kiev, Ukraine.

Total cost of the design of the sauces “For Dumplings” and “For Pasta” — $4463
Design — $731
Photo session — $3293
Prepress — $439

Total cost of the design of the sauce “For Fish” — $616
Design — $366
Photo — $30
Prepress — $220

Duration of the project:
“For Pasta” — 20.12.2012–08.02.2013 (50 days)
“For Dumplings” — 30.05.2013–19.07.2013 (50 days)
“For Fish” — 05.08.2013–06.09.2013 (31 days)

In topic: design of package for tomato sauces of TM “Schedro”
In topic too: ketchup of TM “Schedro”. Design of pack

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