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01.01.2012. Design of EnerGO Hot Ball energy drink

Pictures of original packing can be found all over the internet. In practice, it turns out that this “beauty” has never been implemented. It remained just a project because mass production requirements and bounds are too tough for many original ideas.

The idea of spheric bottle is not recent and it seems to be really simple to implement. Little did we know. Should that be a PET bottle, a producer is overrun by problems of all sorts. How does one compile a sphere with standard format parts? How good does the heat shrink label stick when the difference of diameters is this sufficient? How damaged will the design be considering film shrinkage? And so on and so forth…
All these questions arise every time with the necessity to develop a bottle form. With EnerGO Hot Ball, all the issues were finally resolved or ducked. For example, crest of flame that makes up the background cannot be damaged by film shrinkage.

At the development stage, names and, correspondingly, design variations, of the energy drink altered several times: «Red Ball», «Fire Ball» and, finally, «Hot Ball». Names like Red Balls, Fire Balls or Hot Balls were bound to undergo dirty jokes of all males of breeding age. Consumers caught this plague once the drink was released. It couldn’t have been different with “Energy Hot Balls”.

But that’s alright. Anything but indifference, please. Nowadays, “Stand out or die” motto is still as applicable, as it used to be.

Customer: JSC Erlan, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Design: Yuri Zhuravel, Goroh agency
Packaging type: spherical PET-bottle with heat shrink sleeve label
Press type: roll UV offset printing
Press: Marzek Pechtny Dvor print factory, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

The cost of EnerGO Hot Ball label design
Design — $1000
Prepress — $300

Start of the project — 22.06.2011
Design release — 24.09.2011
Total duration of the project — 3 months

On topik: the ancestor of the line of EnerGO energy drinks
Off topik: design, programming and making of flash-animation for site of KLW company which is a part of Interpipe corporation

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