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15.01.2012. Topping TM coffee syrups design

Working as a designer is a cool thing to do. The clients keep giving all their secrets away to us, not only the commercial ones.

For example, did you know that the liquid substance on ice-cream is called topping? This is how through designing toppings for Emmi TM, we’ve learned what it is and how we deal with it. Then we’ve moved on to deciding which is best: ice-cream or beer and that’s when we came across new info. It turns out, that there’s a single way to differ jam from topping: it simply contains less water. Also, it turns out that we still haven’t run out of clients who feel adequate about black color on a label. For example, in Emmi TM jam label design or in Topping TM syrups design. We were surprised to know that syrup is the basis for those weird colorful substances, that people, dancing in the dark, like to have.

We’ve also learned recently, that a syrup can be added basically everywhere. Having a cup of coffee you can never tell that there are syrups even for this. After a glance at the remains of coffee in our cups, we shrugged and just made the design required, because people are desperate need for that Cappuccino thing.

The design is performed within Topping TM syrups series. For those illiterate, the composition includes the image of a cup. The series has 4 tastes: Vanilla, Riga Balsam, Chocolate and Irish Liqueur.

Customer: Jam Ltd, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Design: Yuri Zhuravel, Goroh agency
Packaging type: glass jar with water resistant self adhesive label
Press type: flexo
Press: Vision Ltd print factory, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Cost of Topping TM coffee syrups design
Assortment line — $250 per SKU
Total — $1000

Receiving of the brief — 09.11.2011
Approving of the design — 28.11.2011
Total duration of the project — 19 days

On topik: TM Ani juices. It's a black label design too
Off topik: New Year horror from Goroh agency. It's also black design

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