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The Hotel Beluga logo

There is a difference between meaning of the word beluga in English and in Russian. In English beluga is the big white wale. But in Russian language this word means of kind of sturgeon which in Russian tradition is the king fish. And such words as beluga and sturgeon associate with something wealthy and luxury.
Picture of beluga in English version.

Beluga. English version.

Picture of beluga in Russian version.

Beluga. Russian version.

We had made many versions of logo with sturgeon depiction.

The Hotel Beluga logo. Version 01

The Hotel Beluga logo. Version 02

The Hotel Beluga logo. Version 03

The Hotel Beluga logo. Version 04

The Hotel Beluga logo. Version 05

The Hotel Beluga logo. Version 06

The Hotel Beluga logo. Version 07

But final version of logo had classical club design and used only abbreviation of word beluga.

Hotel Beluga was built on Ukrainian coast of the Azov Sea. This is a small luxury hotel near the small sea. And there are not any whales in this sea. Azov sea is too small for them.

Customer: Hotel Beluga, Ukraine.

Total cost of Allberry logo & brand identity 1200

Total project duration 1 months

In topic: Logo and corporate identity of Allberry
In topic two: Corporate identity of HarvestTrade


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