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31.08.2015 TM Schedro. Design of ketchups with organic spices

Customer: Trade House Schedro, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Design: Yuri Zhuravel, Goroh agency
Prepress: Oleg Yanchenko, Goroh agency
Packaging type: Doy-Pack from metalized laminate film
Press type: rotogravure printing
Press: KHASK-FLEX, Kharkov, Ukraine.

Total cost of the design ketchup $1400
Concept $410

Design rework $50 (Cherry, Chili, Delikate, ShishCebab, Barbecue) $460

Prepress $85x5

Receiving of the brief 07.01.2015
Designs approving 31.08.2015
Total project duration near 8 months

Design of new types of TM Schedro sauces

In topic: design of new types of TM Schedro
Out of topic: ketchups design of TM Schedro. Version of 2011 year

Examples of package design, which were created by Goroh agency for other customers.

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